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Make Your Own Fruit Press

This page contains free plans and step by step instructions on how to make your own apple press. I took the photographs at various stages when I made mine.



press plans

Download the Fruit Press Plans.

Study the plans and the following assembly instructions carefully before you begin.

Tools You Will Need

Saw - I used a Jigsaw

Workmate or Workbench

Electric Drill and Drill Bits

Set Square



Socket Set or Spanner Set


Step 1 - Cut the Timber

This photo shows all the timber used.The parts at the top of the picture are cut from a single piece of 560 x 1040mm x 18mm plywood. These are shown in the next photo. Study the plans to see where they all fit in.


The two darker pieces are cut from 6mm thick plywood.

The remaining pieces are cut from 75mm x 47mm (3inch x 2inch) rough sawn timber.


Pieces cut from a 560 x 1040 x 18mm plywood sheet (repeat of part of picture above).

The holes were not drilled at this stage but were drilled during the assembly process.

I used a Jigsawto cut my wood.


Step 2

Assemble The Top Bar. Bring all 6 pieces together and hold in vice. Drill the 6 holes for the bolts.

top bar parts

Step 3

Apply PVA Wood Glue to all inner surfaces.

Insert 2 centre bolts but dont fully tighten yet.

top bar glued

Step 4

Place side bar in position and drill 2 holes.

Apply PVA Wood Glue to top and insert 2 bolts.

side post

Step 5

Repeat with opposite side bar.

side posts

Step 6

Assemble The Top Bar. Bring the 3 pieces together and hold in vice. Drill the 4 holes for the bolts.

lower bar parts

Step 7

Apply PVA Wood Glue to inner surfaces and insert 2 centre bolts but dont fully tighten yet.

ower bar glued

Step 8

Put bottom bar into place and drill 2 holes.

Apply PVA Wood Glue to lower ends of side bars, insert bolts.

Use a Set Square to align at right angles then tighten all bolts with a Socket Set or Spanners.

final assembly

Step 9

Fit 2 cross bars to press plate. Drill holes from underside, apply glue and screw in place.


Step 10

The juice collection tray is an old baking tray. I drilled a hole on one edge, filed it to the right size and fitted a plastic drain plug that I got from a DIY store.

Detail of drain hole and plastic drain.

Step 11

Press some apples!

Note 1: I had to fit a piece of scrap plywood to the under side of the top bar as the Bottle Jackimage1 began to damage it. I will fit a metal plate for this years pressing.

Note 2: I fitted an Acrylic Sheetimage2 under the pressing plate to stop the juice soaking into the wood.

working press

I hope the above information has been useful to you and wish you well with your construction.

However if you find that constructing a press is beyond your capabilities or you do not have the time to do it then there are a couple of ready made presses that I can recommend.

Click on the image to find out more




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